Middle in the World

Not only does Middle Church welcome everyone just as they are as they come through the door, but we also feel called to take the radical love of God into the world.

Our Senior Minister, Jacqui Lewis, and our clergy team write, preach, teach, speak and do justice in the world, spreading the message of Jesus and the tenets of a progressive faith as they go.

Through social networking, media and our broadcast worship celebrations, we work to create a virtual community of faithful people working for justice and sharing God's love from Australia to Jamaica, Queens.

Our musicians from both choirs are ambassadors in other contexts and venues for Middle's message of inclusion and welcome.

In partnership with the Middle Project, we train young adults, clergy, seminarians and teens how to lead in the world for a more just society.

The Middle Project, is a 501(c) 3 not for profit launched by Middle Church.

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