LGBTI & Gender Justice

Middle Church is a loving community committed to radically including all of God's people. Our commitment to marriage equality is ongoing. No matter whom you love, no matter how you look, no matter what you do, Middle Church has something specifically for you. You are welcome, just as you are as you come through the door.

Our community is open to all, regardless of sexuality or gender identity. We remain committed to changing the dialogue around sexuality and faith within our denomination, in the Church, and around the globe.

Our staff reflects our commitment to welcome the diverse gifts of women and men in church leadership.

Stay connected to us and our justice-work by following us on Facebook at Middle Church’s page and Jacqui Lewis’ page. Follow Middle Church and Jacqui Lewis on Twitter. 

We held a fantastic concert celebrating Loving Day and Marriage Equality on June 9, 2013. Check out the music here.

Every year, Middle Church has a float in the Heritage of Pride March in June, and we celebrate the great diversity of God's people all year long. We believe firmly that sexuality is a gift from God, and that all adults should have the right to make a spiritual union with each other in marriage. As such, Middle Church worked actively to make marriage equality a law in New York and we partnered with our social justice partners to make it a law in our nation.

Read the Middle Collegiate Church Marriage Equality Resolution (PDF).

Middle Out Loud

Middle Out Loud is a team of people in ministry with and to the LGBTQ community of Middle Church and beyond. Our ethical imperative is to provide healing and support as we work together for justice and equality.