Young Adults

If you clicked here, you may be one of those young adults who have found church to be boring, hypocritical, exclusive or judgmental. Sadly, some of them are, but not Middle Church. Some 90 young adults find this to be a place they are proud to call home.

"What daring worship celebrations we have; what a dangerous choir of voices that is our congregation; and how marvelously brave is our family who day after day sing our songs of love and respect. Though every institution has their own set of problems, it cannot be said enough how Middle's outstretched hand exemplifies many of the sentiments that our younger generation very much values. True, we have the fortune of living in a more left-leaning city in which living with 'the other' is inevitable, but I think that Young Adults in general have a lot of potential that isn't fully realized just yet. I'm thankful that Middle is able to provide them this hand." - Isaac Bush

Middle has programming for everyone, so all feel welcomed just as they are as they walk through the door. In addition to joining adult programming, our Young Adults have a special fellowship, community outreach projects and many are a part of a learning community in The Middle Project.