It has been said that prayer is primary speech; it is the language we have before we have language. At Middle Church, we believe the impulse to pray comes from God wanting us to make contact. We believe that prayer takes on many forms: every sigh is a prayer; our songs are prayer; every plié and lift is a prayer. We pray structured prayers in our community in worship on Sunday mornings and evenings. We pray as we help those in our community in need. We pray in our classrooms, when children and adults are learning. We encourage our members to pray always, to spend our lives in an attitude of prayer.

Here are ways you can join in prayer:

  • Middle Prays is a lay led group that holds congregants' joys and concerns in the light. Deacon Malia T. Blake coordinates this team. Email to volunteer to pray for others.
  • Praying Dangerously meets every first Sunday of the month from 1:30–2:30 pm. Participants are invited to let go of their stereotypes about prayer. Individuals have the opportunity to pray for one another and to be prayed over with partners. This group is led by members Jennifer Wright Cook and Christina Fleming.

We hope you will join one of these groups to deepen your spiritual practice. Prayer changes things; at Middle Church, we know it is so.

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