Middle Church is a place where you are welcome just as you are as you come through the door. One way we signal that welcome is to be intentional when folk come in. Visitors and members alike are warmly welcomed by someone who makes them feel at home, someone who is a little like them in some way.

Our congregation represents much of the wonderful diversity of God's creation. Our staff represents that diversity as well.

We are diverse in culture, racial/ethnic identity, gender, sexual orientation and theology. We are diverse in religious upbringing, education, and socio-economic status. We come from different kinds of families, and we are in different kinds of families. Our gifts, talents, skill sets and personalities are different, and we complement one another.

What we share in common is a great respect for one another, a collaborative spirit, and a deep love for Middle Collegiate Church, what it stands for, and what God is doing through our ministry.

We are a team!

Our clergy team represents the cultural diversity of Middle Church, coming from many walks of life and professional experiences. They work closely together to make worship, education, social justice work and congregational life joyous and meaningful experiences. They are happy to meet with you one on one for prayer, coffee or just a chat.

The staff at Middle bring their many gifts, including music and the arts, to create programs for our diverse community that speak to the mind, body and soul. Whether you sing in the choir, take an art class, or connect in a small group--our staff is here to support your spiritual growth.