Working Toward Vision 2020

You, Middle family, staff, and consistory have been working this year on Vision 2020. The strategic directions are: Connections, community, and care; Congregational partnership and stewardship; and Public theology and online engagement. Our staff is organized to care for you, our 980 members, and to live into the strategic directions. More and more, lay teams and small groups will help us do our ministry. The chart below will help you see whom to contact for your various needs.

Jacqui Lewis works with consistory and staff to meet the goals of Vision 2020. She is the primary preacher and plans worship celebrations with Tami Petty, John Del Cueto, and Allison Mickelson. Jacqui supervises senior staff, teaches classes, meets with members, and serves as Vice President of the Collegiate Church. She collaborates with Christina Fleming on public theology and the media, with Lynn Min on Care and Congregational Life and with Rob Stephens on Justice and Organizing. Jacqui leads the Stewardship and Finance Team as well, working closely with Rebecca Libed and Thwe Thwe Han.

All Middle ministers preach, teach, and work in specific ministry areas in addition to meeting with members throughout the week. For care concerns like hospital visits and counseling, contact Lynn Min, who also coordinates small groups and adult classes. Marte Samuelstuen organizes education programs for children, youth, young adults, and teaching volunteers. Rachel Hippert supports Lynn and Marte in all Nurture ministries. Contact Rob Stephens for questions about justice work and building concerns. Cheryl Cochran manages our community center through building rentals and scheduling, partnering with Daniel Mejil and Nathan Johnson to keep the building safe, clean, and secure. Christina Fleming and Dan Kessel maintain our websites and keep our social media current. For inquiries about baptisms and weddings at Middle Church, contact Ellen Matlach who can answer your questions and help you schedule your special celebration. Elder Shanta Thake chairs our Consistory, our governing board of deacons and elders who are members from the congregation who offer endless hours of service.

Middle Church Staff  

Note: The above graphic was updated in March 2017.