Two Worships Resume September 9

September 4, 2018

Middle Church worship celebrations happen at at 9:30 am and 11:45 am (with Livestream). Join us throughout the month of September for Homecoming worship celebrations. Please see the full Sunday schedule below.

Between worship, there will be time for children’s programming, adult education, brunch, and fellowship. Butterfly bag lunch preparations will take place during the second worship celebration, and distribution will take place soon after. Please consider volunteering for this important ministry.

New Schedule Staring September 9, 2018:

9:15 am–1:15 pm: Wee Care – Infant to Age 4 (3rd Floor Nursery)
9:30 am–10:30 am: WORSHIP CELEBRATION (Sanctuary)
10:35 am–11:40 am: IN THE MIDDLE Programs
— Join the Movement (Sanctuary)
— Community Connections (Social Hall)
— Youth in the Middle (Grades 6–12) (3rd Floor Youth Room, 2nd and 4th Sundays)
— KIDS in the Middle – Grades K–5 (3rd Floor Studio)
— Bible in the Middle (4th Floor Studio)
— Moms in the Middle (4th Sundays)
— Dads in the Middle (4th Sundays)
— Young Adults Small Group (3rd Sundays)
11:45 am–12:45 pm: WORSHIP CELEBRATION (Sanctuary)
11:45 am–12:45 pm: Butterfly Meal Preparation
12:45–1:15 pm: Join the Movement (Sanctuary)
12:45 pm–1:30 pm: Community Connections (Social Hall)
12:34 pm–2:45 pm: Family Room as scheduled
1:30 pm–2:30 pm: Revolutionary Love: The Politics of Faith Speaker Series & Adult Education opportunities as scheduled
1:00 pm–1:30 pm: Butterfly Meal Distribution

Concerts, and the Revolutionary Love Speaker series will be announced as scheduled.

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