CBS Christmas Recording Details

November 30, 2018

We are excited to our pre-Christmas, Christmas Eve Worship, taped this Sunday, December 2 for broadcast December 24 on CBS! We are ready with music, art, dance, candles, scripture, prayer and a sermon. If you plan to join us, here are relevant details you should know.

We are taping both worship celebrations and editing down to one hour. That hour will be broadcast on CBS stations across the nation on Christmas Eve at 11:35p.

If you plan to stay for both worship celebrations and have not let us know, please click here and choose only "both." This RSVP does not guarantee a seat in the Sanctuary. It is for planning purposes only.

This is really important: Because our worship will be taped for broadcast, we can't have phones buzzing, beeping, chirping, chiming, ringing, flashing, taking photos, or recording. PLEASE TURN OFF AND PUT AWAY YOUR PHONE before entering the sanctuary and leave it off. Middle Church will share plenty of photos with you. We will also have sample tweets and posts ready for you to socialize on the way to Christmas. BUT we can't "scoop" the CBS broadcast by sharing what happens in worship before CBS shares it on Christmas Eve at 11:35p. Please help us with this by leaving your phones off. Not on silent--OFF. If you forget or think you are sneaky and we won't see you, ushers, greeters, and consistory will approach you and ask for your phone, just like at the theater. Thanks so much!!

Wee Care will be open from 9:15 am to 1:15 pm. Children will sit with their parents during worship this Sunday, as the Family Zone will be filled with a camera and cabling. We love the sounds of children, but if your little one gets really upset, there will be space in the Community Room for you to worship with them and you can exit through the narthex stairs.

Restrooms will be available by going down to the cellar, using the narthex stairs. We will not be able to walk to the front of the sanctuary to use restrooms. If stairs are tough, you may go around to 50 E 7th Street. If, like me, you are a frequent visitor to the restroom, please plan accordingly, perhaps sitting in the rear of the sanctuary.

For 9:30a worship, please arrive at 9:00a and enter at the 50 E. 7th Street door. We'll have coffee for you until doors open at 9:15a. We'll enter through the Social Hall.

The sanctuary door will ONLY be available for entrance at 9:40a. And when the sanctuary is full, we have space in the Community Room for overflow. Our choirs and dancers will be worshipping in the Social Hall. Thanks for your help with making this work.

In the Middle after the 9:30 worship ends, we'll retire to the Social Hall for food and conversation, and the crew will take a break.  IF YOU ARE STAYING FOR BOTH WORSHIP CELEBRATIONS, please plan to leave your coat on your seat, and have a snack in the Social Hall, so we can place you in the same seat you occupied at the first worship in time for the second. Please save ONLY your seat. This will help our film crew have consistent shot. Thanks for understanding.
For our 11:45a worship, people worshipping twice will return to the sanctuary from the Social Hall at 11:30a and take their previous seats. After they are seated, the Second Avenue Sanctuary doors will open at 11:40a. Please dress warmly before the doors open. Newcomers will be seated from the front to the back. Thank you in advance for being patient as the crew sets up and we get everyone seated.  

Late Arrivals: We cannot guarantee seats in the sanctuary. Please plan your Access-A-Ride, child wrangling, and morning coffee accordingly.

After 11:45 worship, Chef Tim, Elise, and our Hospitality Team will share a lovely holiday meal in the Social Hall. There is no other program on Sunday, just amazing worship, good food, connection, and conversation. After our lovely, long day, our afternoon of fun will end promptly at 2:30p.

WORSHIP IS GOING TO BE AMAZING!! Music from our Village Chorus, the Middle Church Choir, and the Gospel Choir. And Tituss Burgess will be back conducting the Art & Soul Chorus. Kim, Mark, and Adrienne have choreographed a dance that will delight you. Rob is back to lead worship with Amanda, Bertram, Derrick, Marte, and Christina. I'll preach and we'll end with candlelight. And you'll wear your Christmas best.

Those worshipping from home via livestream at 11:45 am will view a rebroadcast of our Advent One worship from last year.

Thank you so much for reading this carefully and helping us live into our dream of reclaiming and reframing Christianity.

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