A Stewardship Offering Update

June 7, 2018

Calling a Generous Congregation to Revolutionary Love! – Shanta Thake, Chair, Middle Consistory

When Jacqui first arrived at Middle Church 14 years ago, congregational giving had not kept up with the growing ministry. In a good year, we raised $78,000 -- less than 10% of our budget -- and the Collegiate Church endowment paid the rest. In those 14 years, our congregation has more than tripled in size, our budget has doubled, and our giving has grown eight-fold. Last year, we raised nearly $600,000! With program revenue, our own endowment, and your generosity, we raised nearly 40% of our budget!

Will you partner with us for #RevolutionaryLove?

The Collegiate Church endowment still pays 60% of our budget. This year, our contribution to our ministry is $625,000. Thanks to your generosity, we are almost there. BUT we need to raise $40,000 more by June 30. How can we meet this year's goal AND also sustain ourselves in the future?

We need your help to reach our goal. AND we need to change the way we think of owning our ministry. Why? When the Collegiate Church endowment paid for major renovations at each ministry, the ministries promised to lean into paying 50% of their budgets by 2022.

This is a call to a spirit and embodiment of generosity to fuel Middle Church's Revolutionary Love Movement that can get us in a 50/50 partnership with Collegiate by 2022.

The bottom line: We have to raise revenue or cut expenses. Some of us will have to step up to make this year's goal. All of us, in our own ways, have to love Middle Church with our giving. Your budget, your circumstances, your prayer life -- what is God calling you to do, in a recurring way, so we can meet the goal this year AND fund 50% of our budget by 2022?

As one Consistory members said, “Gratitude generates generosity.” You are part of our national multifaith, multiethnic movement for love and justice. When you belong, you put your body, your giftedness, and your funding in the movement. You belong to a place that is healthy, dynamic, and loving, a movement that is using love to heal the world. This is a call to the movement at Middle Church.

Love you!
Shanta and the Middle Church Consistory

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